About Us

         Sai Gas Equipment , registered in April 2004. For more than1decades Sai Gas Equipment (SGE) or better known as has been successfully designing & delivering the highest quality gas handling systems and equipments to all possible industries in INDIA.the application demands a precise delivery pressure for gas service.
         At Sai Gas Equipment , growth has been the story during every moment of its12 yrs existence. A growth that has been nurtured by a strong commitment to quality, service and customer satisfaction with assure bal Price .
Solution for Gas Handling Equipments………..
         Today Sai Gas Equipment (SGE) specializes in variou s things. From Multi Cylinder installation, Pipeline Installation LPG Tank (Bulk) Installation, Designing Kitchen Layout, supplying complete range of Kitchen Equipment's, LPG Reticulated System (Pipe Gas to the kitchen) Petroleum
Class A, B, C, installation and all this is done as per customers need.
After all customer is nothing less than a king here While Designing products according to individual customers needs, we make sure that satisfaction never ceases. Sai Gas has never disappointed any body , says Mr. Sadashiv Desale & Mr. Shantaram Patil.
"In today's competitive market, the key to success is prompt supply and efficient after sales service".
About Us